The Tokyo Foundation

The Tokyo Foundation

The Tokyo Foundation was established on July 1, 1997, as a not-for-profit organization engaged in activities of public benefit, in accordance with the of The Nippon Foundation and the Japanese motorboat racing industry.

The purpose of the foundation is to ensure that Japan, a country surrounded by the sea and dependent on maritime transportation for the movement of people and goods, exercises intellectual leadership in contributing to the resolution of issues confronting humanity and the construction of a better international community in a rapidly globalizing world. Toward this end, the foundation is engaged in a variety of activities, centered on the four areas described below, which have been designed to nurture international-minded individuals and lead to the discovery of innovative ideas through interdisciplinary and international programs pertaining to higher education and research in the humanities and social science fields.

– To conduct surveys and research into the essence of various domestic and international issues, and to formulate specific policy proposals that address Japan’s future.

– To provide information to a wide spectrum of people, as opposed to a specific political party or faction, in a clear manner that encourages action in society-at-large which, in turn, leads to the adoption and implementation of policy proposals by the government.

– To contribute to the nurturance of human resources in and outside Japan who are capable of resolving major, complex issues confronting the international community with understanding and respect for diversity—of ethnicity, culture, religions, thought, and political systems—and who become tomorrow’s intellectual leaders.

– To create a venue that attracts persons who represent the best in terms of knowledge, multi-cultural dynamism, action and information dissemination capabilities, and who create “new value” through their interactions and communication.

The website of the Tokyo Foundation:Sasakawa Peace Foundation