The Nippon Foundation

The Nippon Foundation

For Humankind, for the Future.

The Nippon Foundation was founded in 1962 as an organization that concerned itself primarily with the maritime industry. However, the last few years have seen our sphere of activity expand inland from the oceans to the point where now it encompasses most of the globe. The fruits of our labor can be found from burning deserts to verdant rain forests and on, even to the shimmering ice of polar regions. In fact, our efforts can be seen just about anywhere on earth where members of the human race live and dream. To us, this work is the obligation, and the joy, of being human.

Rebuilding our World

Here, at the beginning of a bright new century, Japan and the world in general stand confronted by problems which are larger than any of us can handle alone. Health care for the aged and disabled, the effects of environmental destruction on society at large, natural disasters: it is imperative that these and other challenges be addressed with urgency so that the human race can have a solid footing as we step into the new millennium.
At the same time, as we heal the wounds of the past and present, we cannot neglect investment in the future. Our children must be nurtured and educated in a wholesome way. International understanding and cooperation must be transformed from ideals into norms. Communities must be empowered through the strengthening of local identity. To build better societies, all of these components are essential.

As The Nippon Foundation moves to work with these problems, we also realize that sometimes it is not viable for us to handle a situation on our own. Indeed, many problems are difficult enough to thwart the efforts of entire countries. At these times, concerted action by governments, private organizations and individuals is the only hope that humankind has of arriving at effective solutions. One key tenant of our foundation is thus to not allow such artificial boundaries as those of state, religion or economics to interfere with our work.

Why the Third Sector is so Important

Actions taken by governments, international agencies, the business community or private individuals have their limitations. Governments and international agencies must consider national or multilateral interests. Businesses are motivated by profit. Individuals have inadequate resources. Their efforts are important, but there are a myriad problems that do not draw their attention. These are left to the Third Sector to address.
Foundations, non-governmental organizations and volunteer groups are independent of the interests that motivate the traditional sectors. They can move into neglected areas to act for the public welfare with a much greater degree of freedom and interaction. They do however, need guidance to attain their potential synergy.
To this end, The Nippon Foundation works closely with other organizations to fuel, coordinate and channel the powerful but often-disparate energies of the Third Sector. We try to give it direction and greater impact-maximizing the intended effects of its philanthropy. We achieve this through a thorough and constant needs-analysis with the final aim of propagating projects whose effects are indefinitely sustainable.

Building a Future with Foresight and Creativity

For such goals to become reality, human networks are invaluable. They enable us to promote public welfare projects, encourage communication and enhance cooperation between the various sectors and regions of the world.
To build these networks, organizations like The Nippon Foundation must serve as guides and catalysts. They must have foresight, creativity and decisiveness. Only then can they quickly perceive change and new challenges and react in flexible, innovative, and optimal ways. Only thus can the full potential of the third sector be realized. The Nippon Foundation is sworn to fulfill this important mission.
An Overview of The Nippon Foundation’s Three Arms

Finally, speaking concretely, the activities of The Nippon Foundation are divided into three basic areas:

• Overseas Cooperative Assistance

• Maritime Development

• Domestic Social Welfare and Volunteer Support

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