IRC/ADS Publications & Records

IRC/ADS Publications & Records

The IRC also published monographs and periodicals during this period and continues to do so under the Asian Dialogue Society label. We list below all Monographs and Periodicals Published by IRC, ADS and Affiliated Companies since 1985.



  1. ASEAN FORECAST (1980-1990), a monthly analysis and forecast of significant economic and political developments in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
  2. INDOCHINA REPORT (1985-1990), a quarterly record of significant political, military and economic trends in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
  3. VIETNAM COMMENTARY(1988-1990), a bimonthly analysis of significant political, military, economic and other developments in Vietnam
  4. MANILA REPORT (1988-90), a quarterly assessment of significant political, military, economic and other developments in the Philippines
  5. IRC FORUM, a periodic record of talks and comments sponsored by the Information & Resource Center


  1. Hans H. Indorf, Thai-American Relations in Contemporary Affairs , Executive Publications, Singapore, 1982
  2. Who’s Who in Malaysia & Singapore 1983-4 (2 Volumes) , Malaysia, 1983
  3. Kusuma Snitwongse and Sukhumbhand Paribatra (eds), The Invisible Nexus:Energy Security and ASEAN’s Security , Executive Publications, Singapore, 1984
  4. Ton That Thien, The Foreign Politics of the Communist Party of Vietnam: A Study of Communist Tactics , published for IRC by Crane Russak (Taylor & Francis), New York, 1989
  5. George Tanham and Alvin Bernstein (eds), Military Basing and the U.S./Soviet Military Balance in Southeast Asia , published for IRC by Crane Russak (Taylor & Francis), New York, 1989
  6. Victor Savage and Shirlena Huang, Environment and Development: Southeast Asia and the Challenges of the Nineties, A Conference Report , Singapore: Information & Resource Center and Hanns Seidel Foundation, February 1992
  7. IRC, Shared Destiny: Southeast Asia in the 21st Century , A Report of the Asean-Vietnam Study Group, February 1993
  8. M.Rajaretnam (ed), Bioethics and Environmental Education, Report and Recommendations of the UNESCO Regional Workshop on Environmental Education and Bioethics , IKD-IRC Publications, Kuala Lumpur, 1994
  9. IRC, Southeast Asia Beyond the Year 2000: A Statement of Vision , Manila,Philippines, 30-31 May 1994
  10. M Rajaretnam (ed), Jose Rizal and the Asian Renaissance, Kuala Lumpur & Manila: Institut Kajian Dasar and Solidaridad Publishing House, 1996
  11. IRC, Towards A Southeast Asian Community: A Human Agenda, A Statement on a Future Southeast Asian Community to the Leaders and Peoples of Southeast Asia , 23 August 1996
  12. IRC, Dictate of Partnership: Cambodia, Laos and Asean in One Southeast Asia, Report of the Study Group on Cambodia and Laos (SGCL) , 16 November 1996 (in English, Lao and Khmer)
  13. BhanojiRao, ASEAN Economic Cooperation and the Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA): A Primer, Kuala Lumpur, Institut Kajian Dasar, 1996
  14. IKD, Cambodia in Asean: Partnership for Peace and National Reconciliation, Report of the IKD Study Mission to Cambodia, May 1997
  15. Rajah Rasiah, Understanding the AFTA Process, Singapore: Information & Resource Center/Sasakawa Southeast Asia Cooperation Fund, 1998
  16. IRC/Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Myanmar in the 21st Century: Challenges of Globalization and Change, Proceedings of the International Conference organized by the Information and Resource Center in Yangon , Myanmar, March 2000
  17. Asian Dialogue Society, “Quality of Partnership: Myanmar, ASEAN and the World Community” , December 2003, Singapore
  18. Asian Dialogue Society, “Shared Integration: Promoting A Greater Asia, Report of the Asian Dialogue Society’s Greater Asia Initiative, Study Visit to Northeast India” ,Singapore, 2006
  19. Amitav Acharya, Subrat K. Singhdeo and M Rajaretnam(eds), Human Security: From Concept to Practice – Case Studies from Northeast India and Orissa, World Scientific , Singapore, 2011
  20. M Rajaretnam and Thai Quang Trung (eds), One Southeast Asia , Kuala Lumpur, 2012

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