Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Vietnam & Laos – Training Programs on AFTA in Vietnam and Laos

Seminars in Vietnam

Seminars in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Greeting – 1998 ASEAN Myanmar

IRC Conference on gender issues in Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam

1998 ASEAN Myanmar – Symposium on “Interaction For Progress: ASEAN-Myanmar”

1997 Study Group on Cambodia and Laos: Visits Cambodia, Laos and Philippines

1995 Manila Meeting – Manila Meetings of “Southeast Asia Vision Statement”

1994 Workshop on Bioethics and Environment

1993 Manila – Symposium on “Interaction For Progress: ASEAN-Vietnam”

1993 Bangkok – Conference to launch ASEAN-Vietnam Study Group Report on “Towards One Southeast Asia in the 21st Century”

1992 Kuala Lumpur – Symposium on “Interaction For Progress: ASEAN-Vietnam”

1991 Vietnam – Symposium on “Interaction For Progress: ASEAN-Vietnam, Hanoi”

1990 Vietnam – IRC Delegation’s First Visit To Vietnam

1988 Bangkok – Conference on “Vietnam Today” in Bangkok,1988

1986 Southeast Asia – Conference on Military Bases in Southeast Asia

1980s – Some speakers at IRC’s Lunch Talks Jesies