Dictate of Partnership 1996

Dictate of Partnership 1996

Cambodia, Laos and Asean in One South East Asia* This report was translated into the Lao and Khmer languages

DOWNLOAD: Dictate of Partnership (English)
DOWNLOAD: Dictate of Partnership (Lao)

Table of Contents


Part One
A Vision of South East Asia

Part Two
Problems and Challenges

Part Three
Policy Recommendations

I. Background and General Principles

II. Recommendations

A. Urgent and Immediate

1. English Language Training
2. AFTA-related Training Programmes
3. AFTA Impact Training
4. Information Dissemination on ASEAN
5. Documentation and Translation
6. Institutional Capacity Development

B. Medium Term (1997-2000) and Long Term (2000-2010)

Members of the Study Group

Supporting Institutions for the SGCL


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