Dictate of Partnership

Dictate of Partnership 1996

Cambodia, Laos and Asean in One South East Asia

* This report was translated into the Lao and Khmer languages


DOWNLOAD: Dictate of Partnership (English)

DOWNLOAD: Dictate of Partnership (Lao)

Table of Contents


Part One

A Vision of South East Asia

Part Two

Problems and Challenges

Part Three

Policy Recommendations

I.Background and General Principles

II. Recommendations

A. Urgent and Immediate

  1. English Language Training

  2. AFTA-related Training Programmes

  3. AFTA Impact Training

  4. Information Dissemination on ASEAN

  5. Documentation and Translation

  6. Institutional Capacity Development

B.Medium Term (1997-2000) and Long Term (2000-2010)

Members of the Study Group

Supporting Institutions for the SGCL