Communique – “Building A Better Asia: Future Leaders’ Dialogue”, September 9, 2006

Communique – “Building A Better Asia: Future Leaders’ Dialogue”, September 9, 2006

We, the participants of the 1st Retreat “Building a Better Asia: Future Leaders’ Dialogue”, recognize that:

We Asians lack knowledge and understanding of each other.

We face a number of serious problems, including abject poverty; social, economic and political injustice; violent conflict; and, environmental degradation within countries and across Asia.

Our vision of a better Asia is a prosperous, peaceful, harmonious, progressive, secure, just, and free community.

For this purpose, we want to be leaders who recognize and respect diversity and actively work in unity towards our common vision of a better Asia.

We want to become interconnected agents of change for building a better Asia. Hence, we promise:

  1. to collaborate within our network

  2. a. by maintaining a website to facilitate communication and to update information on our activities

    b. by organizing annual meetings

    c. by engaging in joint research and social actions

  3. to share and make available our local resources and networks

  4. to expand our network to make it more viable and relevant in Asia

  5. a. by actively identifying and encouraging our peers to participate in our network supporting members’ activities in the form of funds or other means

  6. to promote a better understanding of Asia within and outside by disseminating information and documentation about Asia in multiple languages

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