About BaBA

The concept of Building a Better Asia – BaBA for short- probably had its origins in the mid-1980s when the founders established the Information & Resource Center (IRC) as a regional think tank that focused on developing a deep understanding of Southeast Asian countries. By the mid- and late 1990s, IRC had broadened its interests to East and South Asia. In early 2000s, we established the Asian Dialogue Society as a network of people –an informal fellowship – who shared similar interests in an Asian Renaissance. In 2006 – in an effort to concretize our interests further – we initiated the BaBA Young Asian Leaders Retreat – a major capacity building initiative – and building upon our previous training activities – that would bring young Asians from all over Asia together to promote networking, understanding, and ideas for a Better Asia. Underlying much of our work in this period is the framework of human security.

BaBA – Building a Better Asia – is a movement to build a better Asia and a better world.