Jose Rizal and the Asian Renaissance

Jose Rizal and The Asian Renaissance



Part I: Background Paper

1. A Legacy of Sensiblity and Dignity

Part II: Rizal and The Asian Renaissance

2. Rizal and The Southeast Asian Renaissance
3. Jose Rizal : The Discourse on the Asian Renaissance
4. Rizal: The Moving Spirit of Our Race
5. Renaissances: Asian and Other

Part III: The Life and Times of Jose Rizal

6. Dr. Jose Rizal: The First Filipino
7. Rizal, the Malayan and Republican Spain
8. Rizal and the Philippine Colonial Problem
9. Rizal in Spain: His Spanish Sojourn
10. Rizal and Gandhi: Purification and Satyagraha as Signposts on the Road to Asian Renaissance
11.Rizal and Rabindranath Tagore: A Comparative Study
12. Rotten Beef and Stinking Fish: Rizal and the Writing of Philippine History

Part IV: The Relevance of Rizal

13. Images of Woman and Their Role in Society in Jose Rizal’s Writing
14. Relevance of Rizal’s Human Rights Views in the Context of Asia Today
15. The Relevance of Rizal to Contemporary Southeast Asia
16. Rizal as Novelist: An Appreciation
17. Rizal’s Asia Enlightenment Philosophe in the Age of Colonialism
18. An Indonesian Appreciation of Rizal
19. Dr. Jose Rizal and European Intellectuals: A Less Known Contact of Rizal to Bohemia